This Is What Your Ex-Boyfriend Is Doing Right Now

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Some people take the news of their breakup better than others. Some cry or go on a massive shopping spree — but others find that they have so much time on their hands that they start reviewing websites like this one.

Wondering what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now? Well, first of all, you shouldn’t be reading this yet. That’s my biggest piece of advice for the moment. The truth about relationships can be painful and hard to accept, but sometimes it’s better to just not know. If you’re still reading this blog after saying “I’m losing my mind!” one time too many, you might as well give up on the distraction. You’ve already taken the first step towards facing reality now, anything else can wait.

It’s been a few months or years since your breakup and you’re as over him as it’s possible to be. You know that pain in your chest goes away a little more every day and it feels good.

Isn’t it funny? You’ve met someone new, some nice guy, and you’re crazy about him. You like his hair, and eyes, and smile, and the hands-the whole package. He’s really nice to your friends, you can talk to him about anything. He likes the same music as you and he’s willing to try new food! Hell yeah! Your ex is history. Right? This is what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now!

He’s stalking your Facebook and Instagram

What your ex-boyfriend is doing stalking you on facebook

Your ex-boyfriend is on your Facebook and Instagram, and he’s not doing it because he misses you. In fact, he’s probably doing it to make sure you’re not dating someone else.

He’s watching your every move, reading every single one of your posts, and he is not going to stop until he finds out who you’re dating now. And then he’ll probably send that person a message trying to be friends, just so he can find out what you’re up to.

When you break up with someone, they often don’t believe that it’s over—even if they’re the ones who broke it off. It takes time for a person to accept that a relationship is truly over and move on. When this happens with an ex-boyfriend, they’ll stalk their exes’ social media accounts to see who they’re seeing now or if they’ve moved on.

They may also be using this time to reflect on what went wrong in the relationship so they can avoid making the same mistakes again.

This behavior can become obsessive when he wants to get back together but doesn’t know how to break through your defenses once more.

He’s talking about you behind your back.

Think about the first time you broke up with him. You were so sad because you really thought it was going to work out this time. He was going to be different—he promised! And then he wasn’t. He started saying things like: “I don’t know what happened, but we just didn’t click.” And he started spending more and more time with his friends, who were all single and ready to mingle (and probably not even that into him anyway).

But guess what? He hasn’t stopped thinking about you since then. In fact, he’s probably been talking about you with his friends for weeks now. He probably thinks he doesn’t miss you anymore—but that’s not true! All those things he said about how much better off he is without you? They’re lies! Because deep down inside, he knows how good things could have been between the two of you if only he’d been willing to work at it a little bit more instead of just running away from every problem as soon as it came up.

Your ex is saying mean things about you.

He’s talking about how much of a bad person you are, and all the ways in which he doesn’t miss you anymore. He’s laughing with his friends and telling them that he never loved you, that he only stayed with you because he felt like he had to. He tells them how much of a liar and a manipulator you are, and how much better off he is now that he’s free from your clutches.

And the worst part? He thinks he’s doing it for your sake. He thinks if he talks about how awful you are, you’ll hear him and realize what a mistake it was for him to break up with you—and then maybe come crawling back to him on bended knee.

He’s trying to make you jealous by flirting with other girls.

He wants you to think that he’s moved on and doesn’t care about you anymore, so he’s trying to make you jealous by flirting with other girls.

It’s a classic move that guys pull when they’re trying to hurt their exes. They want to make them feel bad, so they flirt with other girls in front of them and then walk away laughing at how upset their ex is getting.

He might not even be doing it intentionally—he might just be naturally charismatic and likable, so people are naturally drawn to him. But it still hurts when you see him talking to another girl or flirting with her—even if it isn’t about you!

He knows that if he makes you jealous enough, you’ll start to miss him—and that’s exactly what he wants. He thinks if he can get you to miss him enough, maybe then things will go back to the way they were before.

When your ex-boyfriend starts to flirt with other girls, it’s a sign that he still wants you. He knows that you’re not ready for a relationship yet, and so he’s doing what he can to get your attention back. If you’re not interested in getting back together, then don’t let him get to you!

Your ex is probably still in denial that the breakup ever happened.

He might have a hard time understanding why he wasn’t enough for you, and he might even try to convince himself that it was all your fault. He might be confused as to what he did wrong, or he might feel completely justified in his decision to break up with you because of something you did.

It’s normal for him to feel this way—he’s probably been through a lot since the breakup, and he just wants to put everything back together again. But if you’re going to try and communicate with him, now is not the time! You don’t want him to feel like there’s still hope between the two of you; as much as it hurts when something like this happens, it’s important for both parties involved to move on from each other as quickly as possible.

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He’s browsing Tinder and other dating websites.

Do you know what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now? He’s probably scrolling through Tinder and other dating apps, looking for a new catch.

What your ex-boyfriend is doing right now

He wants to be with someone who will love him unconditionally and accept him for who he is. He doesn’t want to be with someone who makes him feel like he has to change or grow in order to get them to like him. He wants someone who understands that he’s not going anywhere, that he’s happy being single, and that he doesn’t have time for anyone else right now.

And if you don’t think it’s possible for your ex-boyfriend to find another woman on Tinder, well…you’re probably still hung up on him.

This might be the most heartbreaking thing you’ll ever read but you have to come to terms with it.

If your ex-boyfriend is not trying his luck on dating websites right now, then I hope he’ll not any moment from now because I want him to be happy! But if it is true, then… well, we’re sorry. It’s not fair. I know how hard it was for you to break up with him—and how much of a blow it would have been for him to find out that you were still on dating sites and looking for someone else as soon as he left your life.

You thought it was over, but here’s what your ex is secretly hoping for:

He’s hoping that you’ll get back together.

this is what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now

Why? Because there’s nothing better than being with someone who doesn’t deserve you, and he knows it. He also knows that if you end up together again, he’ll have to deal with the consequences of his actions, which are so much easier when they’re someone else’s problem.

So don’t take it personally when he starts sending you messages like this: “I miss you” or “I feel like we should talk.”

He’s not trying to sabotage the relationship or keep you from moving on. He just wants to make sure that he can make things work again, and he thinks if he goes slow and shows that he cares about your well-being, then maybe it will help him win back your love.

So don’t stress too much about this! Just try not to take his nice gestures personally, and remember that he cares about YOU, too. We all make mistakes sometimes—and hopefully, we can learn from them so we don’t repeat them in the future!

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He’s creating a new lifestyle for himself without you.

Ex-boyfriends are busy, and we get it.

They’ve got their own lives to lead, their own jobs to keep, and their own friends to hang out with. And if you were in an exclusive relationship with someone for a while, you’re probably feeling like that’s all about to change for them—and for you.

But it’s not true: Your ex is still the same person he was before you two parted ways. The only difference is that he’s now doing things on his own terms. And here’s what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now: He’s creating a new lifestyle for himself without you.

He’s getting his ducks in a row and taking care of his own physical and emotional needs. He’s working hard on himself, and he’s doing it so that he can eventually meet up with someone who’s going to be genuinely happy to see him when they see him again!

And this means he can actually have fun with friends without worrying about whether or not they’ll be mad at him if they find out about his relationship with you. He can spend time with people who are willing to let him be himself without worrying too much about whether or not the relationship will last long enough for him to build up enough trust with his friends that they won’t tell anyone else about it!

But as you know well by now, it doesn’t always work out like that! Sometimes people move on much faster than they should, or maybe they even end up moving on without ever giving themselves time to heal their hearts from the loss of someone else… But whatever happens, we stand by your side (and yours too!). You’ve got this baby girl now!

this is what your ex-boyfriend is doing right now

He has a weird relationship with your mutual friends.

When you broke up with your ex, you probably said so in no uncertain terms. You were done. You were over it. Now that those feelings have passed, you’re trying to get back on track and just be friends again with the people you used to hate.

This is normal! It’s a part of healing from a breakup. It’s also totally normal for your ex to want to make amends and be friends with people who previously hated him or he hated. He may seem to be friendly and nice, but there’s one thing that stands out: the way he tries to be friends with people he once hated.

When someone is trying to get back with an ex, they might feel like they need to make up for lost time and start hanging out with their old friends again. They might feel like they have no other choice but to do this because it’s the only way they can move forward—and that’s not necessarily true.

The thing is, if you were in a relationship with an ex for a long time, you probably had a lot of friends who were also in the same situation as you were. You probably had people that loved you and cared about your happiness—and maybe even supported you when things got tough. And now that person has moved on from their breakup? It can be tough for them too!

So don’t take it personally when your ex tries to become friends with people who used to hate him; he doesn’t want any trouble either! He just wants someone who understands him better than anyone else does at this point.


Most of the time, your ex-boyfriend is trying to get over you. He has started to realize that there are other people out there that might be better than you. The breakup was a miserable experience for both of you, but it’s behind him now. He is starting to look for someone new and he’s prepared to do everything he can to live the life he wants, just like you are.

Note that that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt him at all or that he doesn’t cry alone at night after he just texts “I love you” to you because he misses you so much! It does! And that’s okay. It’s normal! He needs some time but don’t worry when he does finally find someone special and falls in love again, he won’t compare his new girl with you!

The best part of this is that if your ex comes back, you can tear up the list and go right on with life. There’s no need to dwell on it or ignore it. You went out with your ex, learned a lesson, and moved on. And when your ex-boyfriend runs into your new boyfriend he will know how over him you are! So now that you’re moving on and don’t want to think about him or wonder where he is, we want you to burn this page, destroy the ashes and tell no one!

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