These masturbation techniques could land you in the hospital

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For as long as there have been humans on Earth, people have been engaging in masturbation. Our physiology is hardwired to enjoy it, and it can be a healthy way for a person to self-soothe and achieve sexual or emotional release. Today, we live in an open environment where masturbation has been accepted for longer than anyone can remember. But even into the 1960s, and even today, masturbation carries with it a stigma of shame that many people still associate with the act.

Benefits of masturbation

When it comes to masturbation, some may argue that it has numerous benefits such as: increasing the heart rate, boosting brain alertness, and may even prevent prostate cancer, and a whole lot of others.

Even more striking, 97% of men acknowledge that it is a regular occurrence in their life. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. We’re discussing the health benefits of masturbating.

Similarly, this is not gender-based. Women these days are even more engaged in masturbation. At least, no more fear of STDs or unwanted pregnancy.


On the other hand, you may not be aware that some people go so far as to put their own lives in peril or danger.

That’s right; there’s more than one dangerous masturbatory act that could end in tragedy.

Harmful Masturbation techniques

These masturbation techniques could land you in the hospital

According to reliable medical sources, between 1% and 2% of all masturbators engage in potentially unsafe behavior in an attempt to consciously enhance their ejaculatory experience.

These include, but are not limited to, severe cases that are common in the lexicons of masochists and devotees of the role of submission.

Autoerotic asphyxiation is one of the most prevalent.

This “game” is universally acknowledged as the leading cause of fatal masturbation.

Addicts are enthralled by the prospect of prolonging the sensation of being unable to breathe for as long as possible.

They achieve this by pressing on the carotid artery, apparently unaware that losing control and awareness within 30 seconds may lead to fatal respiratory arrest.

Masturbation Techniques of Electroshock

Electroshock is a term used by both the people who use it and the medical profession to describe a controversial procedure with potentially fatal results.

In this “game,” the player’s objective is to satisfy his or her erogenous zone with electric shocks of ever higher intensity.

It is unknown how dangerous the crazy habit of ejaculating while introducing things into one’s urethra actually is.

Although urethral insertion is not as uncommon as we may think, it is risky and could land you a trip to the hospital, as well as significant organ damage.

Blood Flow Restriction

The extreme method of tying a strap, thread, or even a weird device made of wood and string to the base of the scrotum and inducing inflammation of the bag by cutting off circulation while masturbating is just as risky.

There have been reports of anything from minor cuts to the loss of a testicle.

The difficulty of collecting data to issue warnings against these behaviors is concerning.

So, what’s the primary cause here? Prejudice!

Relatives and friends of victims who are found in postures indicating where they were when they died (such as from suffocation or an electrical shock) often try to change or conceal this information.

A further factor that does not assist is that when police determine that a death was unintentional, they do not refer the case to forensics, so the circumstances surrounding the death are never recorded.

Nowadays, however, information and access to it are more accessible than ever before in history, so it’s easier than ever to look into things, keep records, and draw your own conclusions.

Take Home on Harmful masturbation techniques

While there’s no way to know for sure how many people try these techniques, it does seem clear that the trend is growing. But here’s the thing: if you’re going to experiment with techniques, be responsible about it and make sure you take care of yourself. If not, well, you may just win yourself a trip to the hospital.

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