Subtle Magic Tricks To Attract Any Woman

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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to attract any woman they want so easily? Some guys just have the ability to walk into a room and charm all the available women out of their pants. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can be frustrating when you don’t know how to do it yourself. Well, I am here today with a few subtle magic tricks to attract any woman more effectively!

1. A good smile

A good smile is the best way to make a good first impression. A friendly smile can also make you look more attractive. A good smile is contagious and makes people feel good about themselves, too! If you’re in a sticky situation, your smile will help you get out of it gracefully. And if you want something from someone else or are trying to convince them of something, having a big, bright grin on your face will help get what you want and that includes getting any woman you want.

2. Dress to impress

The best way to make a woman notice you is to dress in a way that shows you care about how you look and how others see you. This does not mean dressing like a peacock or trying too hard for her attention, but rather making sure that your clothing matches your personality and is something that makes sense for the occasion. If it means wearing jeans and sneakers instead of suit pants and tie, so be it!

This is a no-brainer. Wearing clothes that fit you well and make you look good will make you feel more confident and make her like yourself more. We all know that women notice things like that, so if you want to attract a woman, dress well.

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3. Be witty

A woman is attracted to a man who can make her laugh. She loves a man who can make her smile. If you are able to do these things, then you will have already won half of the battle as you will have displayed your ability to be witty and charming.

Witty men know how to turn any situation into something funny, which makes them very attractive because women love humor! Women want their men to be able to make them laugh and feel special. If you want your girlfriend or wife to fall in love with you all over again, then it would help if she knew that there were times when she was the most important person in your life – and one way of demonstrating this would be by making her feel like that every single day!

4. Be well mannered

Attraction is not a choice, and it’s not something that you can control. It’s a natural response to the right circumstances. You can’t choose whom you love, but you can make sure that the circumstances are right for love to happen.

The best way to attract women is by being well-mannered. Women want men who are respectful and courteous, especially when it comes to them. If you want to attract any woman, then start with being well-mannered and polite to everyone around you. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female; all people deserve respect from anyone else that they meet on the street or in public places like restaurants and hotels.

It’s also important to be yourself in front of women so that they can get to know more about your personality rather than just seeing what they want in you based on their own needs.

A good way to attract any woman is by being honest with them about your feelings towards them because this shows that you have nothing to hide from them and that makes them feel comfortable around you too

5. Be confident

Women are attracted to confidence. They want a man who knows what he wants, who can lead, and is in control of himself. Be confident in yourself, your abilities, and what you want out of life.

Remember that confidence is not arrogance. Arrogance is being proud of yourself without any reason, while confidence comes from having faith in yourself and your abilities.

Confidence is contagious. If you act like you’re confident, then women will be more likely to think that you are actually confident. If you act like an insecure person, then you will become an insecure person!

If you don’t believe in yourself, then it will show and women will not be attracted to you.


6. Do not comment on her body

Subtle Magic Tricks To Attract Any Woman

You should not comment on her body. You may be thinking, “But I just want to compliment her.” Don’t do it!

It’s not about what you say, but how you say it. A compliment can set off the wrong signals in a woman’s head and make her feel uncomfortable. If she feels uncomfortable, she will not be attracted to you anymore, and therefore, there won’t be any more magic tricks for you to try out. As much as possible, avoid talking about women’s bodies because this is an area that could cause problems later down the road when dating them or trying to attract them with your subtle magic tricks (which is what we’re here for).

By avoiding saying things like “You look beautiful today,” or “I love your dress,” or even worse: “Wow! You’re so hot!” A woman might think that all men are shallow-minded jerks who only care about looks rather than personality traits–and that doesn’t sound very appealing now, does it?

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7. Do not act like you’re too good to be friends

Subtle Magic Tricks To Attract Any Woman

If you are confident and you don’t act like you are too good for anyone, then women will be interested in you. They may look at your confidence as arrogance, but that is their own issue.

You want the women to think that they could be friends with you instead of just thinking about how to get something from you or what your angle is. Once they realize this, then they will want more from the relationship with no strings attached!

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8. Don’t Be Predictable

The key to attracting any woman is to be unpredictable. Most men are predictable and easy to read. The reason for this is that they are too concerned with being liked by everyone. They want people to like them and they will do anything to achieve that. This makes them boring and predictable.

What you need to do is be a little mysterious, keep her on her toes and never let her know what’s coming next. If you always do what she wants, she will get bored in no time flat.

9. Be Passionate About Your Personal Goals

Women are attracted to men who have goals and ambitions in life, especially if they’re doing something they love. If you’re passionate about your goals, it shows that women that you’re not afraid of challenges and hard work – two things that women find very attractive in men!

Women love to be around men who are passionate about their goals and dreams. This is what makes them feel safe, protected, and cared for. If you have any kind of goal or dream, make sure that you share it with her.

The more she knows about your aspirations, the more likely she will be attracted to you. You can even tell her some of your failures or challenges along the way so far. Showing her that you are vulnerable and open to making mistakes will make her feel like she can trust you more as well.

10. Show Interest In Her Clique

Subtle Magic Tricks To Attract Any Woman

If you’re trying to attract a woman, the first step is showing interest in her clique.

It’s not just about being friendly—it’s about being interested. If you’re friendly, she’ll think you’re just being polite and will wonder why you don’t seem to want to talk to her. But if you show interest in her friends, she’ll think that maybe there’s something between the two of you.

One way to do this is by asking about their opinions on things. For example: “What did you think of the new [movie/episode/song]?” Another way is by saying things like, “Wow! That sounds like something so-and-so would say!” This shows that you know something about each person in her clique, which makes them feel like they have more in common with each other than just being part of the same group.

If she asks why you said that or what makes them so similar, tell her about some experience where one of them made a funny joke or had an interesting perspective on something—but only if it was positive!

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Following the above-mentioned tips can help any man attract women.

You’re here because you want to attract women, right? Well, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves that will help you get the attention of any woman in the room.

The tips above are just a starting point. You can also use other ways to attract women, such as:

  • Talking to them when they are alone and not with their friends.
  • Flattering them by saying something like “you look gorgeous”, “you have nice hair”, or “I love your eyes”. These statements may seem cheesy to some people, but they work very well in the context of attracting women.
  • Treat her well, don’t just think about yourself but consider her feelings as well, this will make an impression on her even if she doesn’t say anything!
  • Make eye contact: Eye contact is important when trying to attract a woman because it shows her that you’re interested in her by looking into her eyes instead of looking away or staring at other parts of her body (unless those other parts are also in eye contact).
  • Make her laugh, a good sense of humor is important for attraction.
  • Be positive, and try not to complain unless it’s something that can be fixed.


The main takeaway from this article is that when you’re trying to attract a woman, it’s important not to focus on her looks, but instead show her your personality. That way she will feel more comfortable around you and be able to see who you really are as a person before deciding if she wants anything romantic between them too.

Do you have magic that worked for you? Share with us in the comment section.

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