Simple 7-Step Plan to Overcome a Relationship Breakup

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Ok, so this is a controversial topic. Twice I have had relationships break up, and with the first one, I couldn’t believe it ever happened. With the second one, I was shocked but knew that things needed to be different going forward. Even though you might be totally caught off guard what can you do to overcome a relationship breakup? There are steps you can take to get over a breakup.

Have you ever wondered how to overcome a relationship breakup and move on? You’re not alone. Relationships in life are one of the main factors to a person’s success and happiness, yet over half the population will deal with a breakup in their lifetime. When a relationship breaks up, it’s commonly referred to as “a hard time.” A broken heart and emptiness can lead to feelings of sadness, anger, or confusion. It can affect your self-esteem and confidence. If you have been through a relationship breakdown like this and want to move forward in life, then I have good news for you: You can get through this stage with this Simple 7-Step Plan to Overcome a Relationship Breakup.

Overcome a Relationship Breakup

Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or two years (or more) you’re probably going to find yourself in a state of breakup anxiety. As a matter of fact, how to get over your ex is something that everyone deals with at one time or another, but it’s important to make sure you’re doing it the right way. A new relationship can be daunting, especially if that relationship is with someone​.   This can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been hurt by your ex. And yet, according to studies and surveys, around 75% of people have experienced an ex who didn’t end well.

You’re in a relationship with someone who seems like the one, but then everything goes wrong. Sometimes, it’s a fight over something small. Sometimes, it’s over a newly discovered issue that only came to light hours before you decided to end things. Most often, though, relationships fall apart due to the simple fact that people make mistakes and don’t listen to good advice. We know how important it is for us to follow the steps laid out here when we are trying to understand why things are happening and how we can prevent them from happening again in the future.

Step 1: Acknowledge that the relationship ended

The first step to overcoming a breakup is to acknowledge that it has happened.

You need to be honest with yourself about what went wrong in your relationship, and why it ended.

If you’re still in denial, it’s time to face reality. The relationship ended because it was bound to end. You can’t force someone to love you or stay with you, and even if you could, it wouldn’t work. You will be miserable and eventually want out of the relationship, so don’t try to prolong it.

Acknowledging that your relationship has ended will help you to accept it and then move on with your life in a positive way. Acknowledging that you are no longer in a relationship with this person will help you not obsess over him or her, but instead focus on yourself and your own needs.

For example, if your ex-boyfriend broke up with you because he wanted to focus more on his career, then acknowledge that by saying “wow, I understand why he felt he had to make this decision” instead of feeling hurt by the fact that he didn’t want to be with you anymore.

It’s also important not to blame yourself for any part of the breakup; this will only make things worse by causing unnecessary guilt and self-doubt. Just tell yourself that this is something that happens sometimes in relationships and not your fault at all.

Once you’ve acknowledged that the relationship ended, take some time away from each other — even if it’s just for a few hours each day — so that there’s no communication between you two without some kind of outside intervention from friends or family members who can talk sense into both of you about why this was happening and how both of you can move forward from here

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Step 2: Resolve your feelings

The relationship breakup is a difficult process, and you may feel angry, sad, or depressed. You may also feel desperate for a new relationship. Resolving these feelings will help you move forward in life by making changes that are healthy for you.

Take care of yourself. You might be tempted to dive right into dating again, but this is not the best way for you to heal from the breakup. Take some time off from dating to reflect on your experiences and decide what changes you want to make going forward.

Find new friends who understand what you’re going through. You may not feel like talking about it with anyone else right now, but if there’s someone at work or school who knows how you feel and understands what happened, reach out to them! They can help keep your mind occupied while they’re there for support when needed as well.

You might be surprised to learn that most people with a broken heart are able to move on. It’s not just because they want to, or because they’re strong enough to cope with the pain, or because they don’t want their partner anymore. It’s because they know how to get over it.

But how do you get over a breakup?

The answer is surprisingly simple:

You have to resolve your feelings. And that means letting go of the anger and resentment you feel towards your ex-partner. You have to forgive them for breaking up with you, and yourself for feeling hurt and resentful over it. And then you have to let go of those feelings completely so that you can move on with your life.

Step 3: Get rid of as many reminders of your ex as you can

One of the best ways to recover from a breakup is to get rid of all reminders of your ex.

Beginning with the first day, try to get rid of as many reminders of your ex as you can. If you’re still in touch with them, consider blocking or muting them on social media and giving them the cold shoulder at parties.

If you don’t have any reason to speak with them, then just stop answering their calls and emails. If they show up at your door unannounced, politely ask them to leave and not come back again.

This is not an easy process but it will be worth it because it will help you move on from the painful experience of splitting up with someone you cared about.

Reminders are a big part of what makes us feel connected to someone. If you can’t see the person, don’t be surprised if you don’t miss them too much.

The problem is that reminders of your ex can be more than just physical objects like clothes or photos; they can also be things like their email address or Facebook profile picture.

overcome a relationship breakup : Get rid of any reminder about your ex

Delete all their social media accounts (including any dating apps you used). This will prevent you from seeing his or her posts and comments on Facebook and Instagram, which may make it more difficult for him or her to pop up in your news feed unexpectedly.

Remove all pictures of him or her from your phone and computer. You don’t need these reminders piled up around your home! If necessary, download all of his or her photos before deleting them from your phone or laptop.

Delete any old texts or emails between the two of you (if appropriate), with the exception of any messages about plans for future dates

Step 4: Create new memories

You can’t go back in time and change things, but you can create new memories that will help you forget about the old ones.

You’ve heard this before: “Make new memories.” It’s a cliché — a cliched reminder to take life by the horns and seize the day. But it’s also an important step in moving on from heartbreak.

It’s simple: You need to create new memories with your ex. This may sound like an impossible task, but it’s not really. All you need to do is focus on creating happy memories with them. When you’re doing this, you’ll forget about all of the bad stuff, and your mind will begin to heal.

It’s important to remember that happiness is more than just swiping right or liking someone online. It’s being able to laugh together, sharing stories and experiences that are meaningful to both of you — not just one or the other person.

Creating happy memories is hard work because it requires patience and honesty on both ends of the spectrum: from both people involved in the relationship as well as from yourself as an individual who wants closure but doesn’t want anything serious either (yet).

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Step 5: Avoid a rebound relationship

If you’ve been through a breakup, it’s likely that you’re looking for ways to get over your ex. But one thing you don’t want to do is jump into another relationship too soon.

You might think that getting back out there again will magically make everything better and help you move on. But that’s not always the case. It can actually make things worse if you go into another relationship too quickly or with the wrong person.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:

how to overcome a relationship breakup
  1. If you go into a rebound relationship too soon, it can give the other person false hope that they still have a chance with you and make them feel even more lonely than they already are feeling right now. This can lead to more anger and resentment in both people involved.
  2. A rebound relationship also puts you at risk of feeling like someone else needs your attention more than the other person does. Having feelings for someone else will definitely make it harder for either party to be completely focused on building their own relationship because they’re spending time trying to keep up with someone else’s needs instead of their own
  3. A rebound relationship is a quick fix. It’s not sustainable, and it’s not good for you.
  4. Rebound relationships are easy to get into and hard to get out of because they’re not built on real love. They’re built on lust, anger, or fear. The person you’re with isn’t the real you — and neither is their new partner.

When you find yourself in a rebound relationship, it can be hard to know what to do. You want to believe that things will be different this time around, but there’s a good chance they won’t be.

The key is to avoid going down this path again by following these five steps:

  1. Don’t give up hope.
  2. Think about why your ex broke up with you and what you can learn from the experience.
  3. Realize that no one is perfect and everyone has room for improvement in their lives and relationships.
  4. Learn from your mistakes and grow from them so that the next time around things go better for both of you!
  5. Remember that even if things aren’t perfect now, they can still work out for the best!

Step 6: Allow yourself to grieve in stages

When it comes to relationship breakups, it’s important to allow yourself to grieve in stages.

“It’s important to grieve in stages,” says psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., author of The Power of Meaning: Find Your Life’s Purpose and Feel Good About Yourself. “We can’t go through the whole process at once.”

While there is no “right” amount of time to grieve, it’s important to allow yourself the time you need. You may need a few days or weeks to process your thoughts and feelings.

You will also want to be sure that you set aside time each day to focus on yourself and not worry about your ex. This means taking the pressure off of yourself by telling yourself you don’t need to fix things — they’re not broken!

Grieving isn’t always easy and it can take time for you to feel better, but with the right steps, you can move through this difficult process with ease.

Step 7: Open yourself to new possibilities

If you’re in a relationship that’s broken up, the first step is to open yourself to new possibilities.

You have to be willing to move on and look for a different kind of love. It’s okay if you feel like you’ve lost the person you were dating—that’s normal! But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone better. You need to focus on yourself and what makes YOU happy.

Think about what kind of relationships appeal to YOU. Are there any types of people who seem like they might make good partners? What qualities do they share with each other? How will those things change once they’re together? What would happen if those two people decided to break up or split up?

It may seem scary at first, but doing this step, it’ll help ensure that whatever happens next brings out your best self and gets you closer to finding someone who really does deserve your love (and attention).

Don’t waste time feeling sad or angry—start looking forward instead! Take some time off from thinking about your ex and try something new so that you don’t get stuck in the past. You might want to go out with friends or read a book—something that is fun and exciting but also helps you get your mind off things for a while.

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Takeaway: How To Overcome A Relationship Breakup

You’ve been through a breakup. You’re probably feeling pretty down about it.

And you’re not alone.

We all get dumped, and we all go through the same process of trying to move on from these relationships: we feel sad, angry, or anxious for a while; then we start feeling better; then we feel better still…

But what if there was a better way? What if there was a way to move past breakup faster?

Well, there is! And it’s called the “simple 7-step plan to overcome a relationship breakup”. We’ll tell you how to do it in just a second, but first, let’s talk about why this step-by-step approach can really help you feel better fast.

As you can see, there are definitely steps that can help you move on after a breakup. You just need to be ready for change, and willing to make it happen. All it takes is a willingness to think about the things that will make you feel better, and only then can your love life really turn around. Next time things go sour with your boyfriend or girlfriend, take some time to reflect on the relationship and consider the steps you can take to change it back around. Good luck – you deserve better!

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