End Of The Road: Spoilers And Plot

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Kems and Kelly, the two children of a widow – Brenda Freeman were enforced to go on a journey after losing their home due to their inability to pay up. A journey that almost took their life and also changed their life in the end. Brenda’s husband was a military who believed in nobility and honesty.

For Brenda, this is not the first time she is embarking on this kind of journey. Reminding her discouraged children that she moved 17 times in 27yrs because her father was also in the military. Probably where she learned to fight her way to defend her children and her brother during this journey to Huston by Road.

A few hours into the journey they came across a police checkpoint investigating a crime scene. The spot where one of Mr. Cross’ boys killed his colleague and carted away with the drug money they were sent to collect. Mr. Cross was a high-profile criminal and drug lord whose identity, yet unknown but everyone trembled just by hearing his name alone.

As they crossed the crime scene, they had to stop by a grocery shop to get some items they needed to continue the journey and were met by an old white seller who hinted to them with a style that the environment is not safe. Sensing the danger, Brenda quickly pulled her kids and brother back to the car and drove off in search of another motel.

Unknown to the family, Kelly had while at the fuel station given a guy a middle finger when he tried to hit on her. Turned out this guy was the same guy that killed his partner. As they drove off, they were chased by this armed guy and his friend. She tried to run faster but the guys were right on her trail and after hitting her a few times, they zoomed passed and went ahead to block the road.

Brenda’s brother tried to get off the car to go confront them but was stopped by Brenda. She knew exactly the area is not safe and would probably get her brother hurt if she had allowed him to go. Brenda went out to meet these two guys from the petrol station and beg them to leave the road so they could pass in peace. The guys showed her their guns and forced her to apologize for the damage they caused to the entire white race. But which white race? She had not to option but to do it so as to save her family.

While they got another cheaper motel to pass the night since they are on a low budget, they were woken up in the middle of the night by the noise of people fighting. The next thing they heard was a gunshot. Terrified, she left the room to check and also helped after the car has drove away. To her surprise, it was the same man who had forced her to apologize earlier that day. She tried to save him but his time was up because he was bleeding out from the gun that was shot on his neck.

Early in the morning, they called the police and while the police were investigating, they had to leave immediately. When the Captain arrived, he demanded to see them but they were long gone. The captain called and persuaded them to come back but Brenda refused.

A few moments later when they got to st Bravo, another call came with a robotic voice. “You have what belongs to me. Bring it back”. Brenda was surprised and thought for a moment that it could be scammers trying to get to her and she ended the call. The call kept coming. Later on, the brother confessed to having taken the money at the crime scene. The money belonged to Mr. Cross and now they have to return it.

Brenda’s brother wasn’t comfortable with the idea of returning the money but she reminded him that not all money is good money.

Brenda took the money and hid it in room 33 and called Mr. Cross to go get his money there and she doesn’t want any issues anymore. Mr. Cross insisted that she brings the money by herself.

While they had another stop at a church, Kems went to ease himself and never returned. He was kidnapped by Mr. Cross. A few moments later, Mr. Cross called and told Brenda to return the money or risk not seeing his son again.

Brenda raced off to the motel where she kept the money to collect it. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that one of the motel workers saw her when she went to keep the money. The lady took the money and just as she was about to zoom off, Brenda saw her and started shouting. Brenda chased her all the way down the desert and finally caught up with her. However, the unfortunate thing is that she was right in the middle of a gang. She tried to collect the money and leave but the lady hit her with a baseball baton and she lost consciousness.

Brenda woke up at night tied down in the hut with loud merriment going on outside. She tried to untie herself and was not so lucky because one of the gang members just entered the room. The man dragged her outside.

Brenda fought her way through the gang and as soon she got control, she informed the leader of the gang that the money belonged to Mr. Cross. The gang leader was afraid and asked the gang members to put in back the money as he would not want any problem with Mr. Cross.

As Brenda took the money back to the motel she left her family, she couldn’t find them anymore. What happened? The captain who persuaded her to come back earlier that day had craftily approached Kelly and her uncle and had kidnapped them as well.

Now things are getting interesting because the three family members- Kems, Kelly, and their uncle are in one basement. The Captain whom they thought would have helped them is Mr. Cross.

The family has to find a way to get out of the basement that night, or else they will die. They broke the glass window. And as they tried to escape, an alarm dog attacked and bite Kelly.

Mr. Cross on hearing the noise knew they had tried to escape, he rushed in with a gun. This time, it was two against three. The two had ammunition and weapons while the three had to improvise and hope luck be on their side. The fight got intense and the three overpowered Mr. Cross and his old wife.

Just as they were leaving the house, Brenda called the daughter. She could hear them but not in sight. Finally, they reconnected and just as they are leaving, Mr. Cross and his wife chased them. Brenda and her family have to run for their life this time. Mr. Cross kept shooting at them and finally caught up with them because Brenda had just fallen off the car.

Brenda begged Mr. Cross to take her and leave her family. Just as Mr. Cross was about to take the offer, he ran toward Brenda to crush her. Brenda quickly lit a fire and threw it right inside the oncoming car.

Mr. Cross and his wife lost control and drove into a tree and crashed.

Brenda and her family left as the other car was burning. They just escaped the worst two days of their life.

What will happen to the money since Mr. Cross and his wife are dead? Well, the man that took the money initially from the motel didn’t give it back. He took it again. How much was the money? Well, enough to give the family a fresh start.

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