Demiromantism: Why You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

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You’ve been in a funk lately. You just can’t seem to get out of your head, and it’s making you feel like you’re stuck in a rut. You think back to when you used to be so carefree and full of life, but now you’re just not sure what’s changed or how to get out of this funk.

Well, we have good news: you’re not crazy. It’s not your fault that you can’t seem to fall in love with anyone right now—and it’s definitely not your fault that other people are falling in love all around you!

Trust me, You’re not cold. You’re not heartless. You are not wicked either. You’re just demiromantic.

What is Demiromantism?

Demiromanticism is a sexual orientation where someone only falls in love with someone if they feel a strong, specific connection to that person. This can happen without any romantic attraction, or it might happen if you’re romantically attracted to someone but don’t feel the desire to date them.

People who are demiromantic don’t believe in love as a general concept—they have to feel something very specific for someone before they can fall in love with them. This can make dating difficult, because it’s hard to know what kind of connection will be enough to make someone fall for you, and it can also make it difficult to feel confident about your feelings for other people when those feelings have been so dependent on your partner’s actions.

If you’re demiromantic, you might be struggling to fall in love. But why? And what does it mean?

For a demiromantic, being in love is a choice. It’s not an automatic feeling; instead, it’s something they choose to do based on how much they care for someone and their level of attraction toward them. It also means that if someone doesn’t meet their standards for compatibility or attraction, then they probably won’t become romantically involved with the person.

Demiromantism: Signs You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

Demiromantics might not be aware that they’re demiromantic until someone points it out to them—or until they find themselves wondering why they’ve never been able to fall head over heels for someone at first sight.

If you think you might be demiromantic, here are some signs to look out for:

1. There’s no such thing as “love at first sight”

Demiromantics are people who can feel romantic attraction but only after a period of time. They may not be able to fall in love instantly, but they do experience the same range of emotions that other people do when they’re in a relationship. However, this takes time. So “love at first sight” doesn’t exist in their dictionaries.

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2. You prefer friendship first

Demiromantism: Why You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

Demiromantics don’t tend to rush into relationships. They want to get to know their partner before they feel ready to commit. That’s because they place a high value on trust and honesty, and feel that the best way to build those things is by getting to know someone as a friend first.

They don’t want to fall in love with the right person right away—they want to make sure they’re compatible first. They care less about intense chemistry and more about building a solid friendship that can grow into something more.

3. Demiromantics are not easily attracted with gifts.

Showering a demiromantic with gifts with the intention of winning him or her won’t work. Demiromantics will always choose someone they have spent enough time and learned about over someone who just flaunts their physical qualities or someone who tries to get their attention with gifts.

4. You are slow in developing a romantic relationship.

Demiromantism: Why You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

Most people think demiromantics play hard to get, but that’s not true. Due to their slow nature, they just take time to get to know someone better before developing a romantic attraction with them.

People who play hard to get already have an attraction but are just being picky. For a demiromantic, getting to that attraction phase is quite difficult and takes a bit of time.

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5. Sex is out of it.

Demiromantism: Why You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

The fact that it takes time for demiromantics to develop a romantic attraction does not mean that they don’t have sexual feelings. In fact, a demiromantic will have sex with someone and still not be romantically attached to that person. The only issue is getting into something serious. This does not also mean that they are players. It’s just their nature.

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6. Demiromantics prefer long-term relationships

Demiromantics may not be able to fall out of love as easily as other people can because they’re focusing more on their feelings than on the actuality of their relationship.

This is because for demiromantics, falling in love is about being obsessed with the idea of falling in love—not necessarily being in a relationship. It’s a feeling that comes from inside, not outside. And this is something they build over time instead of a short term.

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7. You can stay single for a long time

Demiromantics are those who fall in love with the idea of being in love. They might feel a deep, intense connection to someone and become obsessed with that person, but still not feel the need to be in a relationship with them.

Demiromantic people are capable of staying single for a long time. They don’t have to be in a relationship to feel whole and complete. They don’t need to fall in love just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Demiromantic people often have a hard time finding someone who understands them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone who loves you for who you are!

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8. You are slow to trust

Demiromantic people are slow to trust. They need to know you, and they need to know you well. They’re not going to just fall in love with a stranger, even if they’re incredibly attracted to them. For that reason, demiromantic people might not be the best candidates for online dating sites—where you can’t see someone face-to-face.

How long does it take for a demiromantic take to fall in love?

Demiromantism: Why You Might Be Struggling To Fall In Love

A demiromantic’s feelings of love take time to develop, but they are no different from those of anyone else.

It’s important to remember that demiromantics, like all people, have the capacity to fall in love. It just may take longer for them to get there.

Demiromantics don’t feel romantic attraction until they are close friends or family members with someone, so it makes sense that their feelings of love would also be slower to develop. They need time to get to know someone before they can feel attraction toward them.

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