Best 8 Ways To Date Like A Gentleman

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Finding love can be difficult, time consuming and stressful, so also is dating. I know that finding the right partner is not easy and when we find one, we want to make sure we shower them with all the love and care that they deserve. I don’t know about you but I like to think of myself as a gentleman. I treat the women in my life with love and respect which I often expect them to reciprocate. But what does that mean? How can you date like a gentleman? It’s hard to explain, but I’m going to do my best. In this post you’ll find 9 ways that men can date like gentlemen.

To do justice to this, who is a gentleman?

Think of a gentleman as a man of honor who respects ladies. This man is polite, kind and generous towards women. The best part? He never intends to offend her in any way(Of course, this is inevitable). Being a gentleman is not easy but you have to agree it feels…like dating a saint!

So, from public affections, to luxury flowers and showing up for them when they want it, the perfect gentleman is every woman’s dream. If you ever dream of impressing a lady either on a first date or trying to set things right for a long term commitment, here are 9 ways you can date as a gentleman.

Start by being honest and sincere with your intentions.

If you want to date like a gentleman, making your intentions clear and known to her from the beginning is a must. Like I said before, a gentleman never intends to hurt the woman in his life. So, you want to make sure both of you are on the same page for the feelings and act to be reciprocated.

Don’t assume she knows what you want from the relationship. This is because words left unspoken can severe the relationship later on if the intentions are not clear. If you are looking for a casual date, there is nothing bad in telling her bluntly and in a funny way. Be honest about it by saying things like “You are really fun to be with, but I am not looking for a serious relationship right now”. Or maybe something like “I am glad we are friends, I think we can make the perfect couple, but I am not sure I ready now”.

The woman in your life deserves to know exactly what your intentions are towards her so she doesn’t waste her time thinking there is a future together. When women are genuinely interested in a man, they’re always looking for a long term commitment. So, if you are not interested in someone, it is okay to politely let them know. This will save you a lot of stress later on.

Be aware of your surroundings and what other people are doing.

You want to date like a gentleman? Then you need to be aware of your surroundings as well as what other people are doing. I know it is very easy to get carried away or lost in the beauty of the moment. However, pay attention and know the rule of engagements.

  • Are there places that are more suitable for the date than others?
  • What is acceptable or not?
  • Is your woman comfortable with public display of affection?
  • How much space is in between you?

The goal is to make sure the environment is safe for you and your lady and everyone is respected. As a gentleman, you wouldn’t want to do anything that your lady is uncomfortable with. Even if they are not saying it, pay attention to their body language and facial expressions.

Be polite and respectful to your date, regardless of their behavior.

When you’re dating, it can be so easy to get caught up in the excitement of meeting new people and letting your guard down. But if you want to date like a gentleman, then it’s important that you compose yourself at all times.

It doesn’t matter if she is being polite and respectful or not, always remember that they deserve the same level of respect. Be courteous and kind—and don’t let them off the hook just because they aren’t doing the same for you!

Even if you’re dating someone you like and who seems to be enjoying themselves being around you, it can be difficult to know what to do next. You want your date to have good memories, but you also want to respect yourself and your boundaries.

Make sure your date feels welcome and comfortable.

There’s nothing like a dating someone who make you feel like the most important person in the world. But sometimes it can be hard to know what to say, do, or even behave especially when you have her feelings first in your heart.

Stop talking too much about yourself. contrary to popular belief that talking about yourself will get women to like you, it’s a turn off. Make her comfortable by giving her the chance to talk about herself, her job, things she likes etc.

date like a gentleman
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Don’t talk about politics and football. Only few ladies are even interested in these topics. If you are going to ask someone out, you want to make sure they have good time with you. If there’s anything you can do to make them feel at ease or make their experience more enjoyable, do it. If they’re not comfortable, they won’t relax enough to enjoy the moments with you.

Take care of your finances and protect your resources.

I think this is one of the most important aspect of dating like a gentleman. As a gentleman, you need to be responsible with your money. Know where they are coming from and where they are going to.

Don’t just throw money around because you want to impress her. Your finances are yours and you need to keep them safe. This is the reason you must know how to choose your dream woman. You deserve a partner who respects your financial prowess and knows that it’s yours alone to manage. If you’re not sure whether or not someone is right for you, check out these signs:

  • Do they try to get you to spend more than you can afford?
  • Do they pressure you into buying things that don’t make sense for your budget?
  • Do they frequently ask for money from you or borrow from your account without asking?

If so, this person may be trying to control and manipulate your finances in order to get what she wants (which is probably access to wealth). Don’t let anyone take advantage of your good nature—especially not when it comes down to money!

take care of your finances when dating

Make time for your date, even if you don’t have an abundance of free time.

It’s a busy world out there, and we all have so much to do. But if you want to date like a gentleman, then you need to make time for your dates—even if it means cutting back on your work hours(I don’t always recommend this) or skipping some other activity you enjoy.

Make time for your date, even if you don’t have an abundance of free time.

Here’s why: if you only see your date when it’s convenient for you, they may feel like they’re being taken advantage of—like they’re just an extra on your schedule and not someone who deserves to be treated with respect and care. And that’s not cool at all.

If you have tight schedules like mine, then you’ll have to choose what activities are most important to you. And if that means taking a break from the gym if you are the gym type or giving up some other hobby for a while so you can spend more time with the woman of your dreams, then do it.

It’s not easy—but it’s worth it.

Keep communication open and honest.

Dating is a process of communication. If you want to date like a gentleman, then you need to be open and honest with the person you’re interested in.

This means that you should talk about what you’re looking for in a partner (or not looking for) as well as your intentions. It’s better if you can do this face-to-face, but if that’s not possible, then use technology like texting or emailing. You should also make sure that the other person is aware of your wants and needs before starting anything serious.

One of the best ways to date like a gentleman is to keep communication open and honest. It’s not always easy to do, but it will make for a better relationship in the long run.

To be clear, I am not saying that you should tell her every single thing on your mind (that’d be exhausting!) or all your secrets. But if there’s something that’s bothering you or making you feel uncomfortable, let her know.

It’s also important to listen when she talks—don’t just wait for your turn to talk! We know it can be hard when there are so many things going through your mind, but actively listening demonstrates respect and consideration for the other person in the conversation. It also shows that you’re interested in what they have to say. And when someone feels heard by their partner, they’re more likely to reciprocate those feelings back!

When it comes down to it, communication is key when dating like a gentleman—it makes all the difference between having a good date and having an amazing one!

joyful couples

I hope these tips have sparked your creativity, and have shown you how to date with a positive attitude, interest, and respect, just like a gentleman. Dating can be challenging and a bit of a learning curve—don’t give up or lose sight of your goals. If things don’t work out between you and your date, in love or friendship, don’t be discouraged. Stay positive, practice good communication, and the next dates you go on may just be even better!

Have anything I didn’t add? Feel free to drop in the comment section.

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