8 Types Of Women To Avoid Dating

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Dating is fun. Or at least, it should be. At some point in life, sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself on a date. One or both of you may be nervous and awkward. But if the girl you’ve got your eye on turns out to be like the ones I talk about in this list…forget about it – then you’ll have some real problems. Here are 8 types of women to avoid dating.

1. The Commitment-Phobe

This woman is independent and wants to remain that way. She has a busy schedule, and she doesn’t want to be held back by anyone. If you try to get close or show her what an amazing guy you are, she will most likely run for the hills. She may have been hurt in the past and is afraid of getting hurt again.

If you don’t mind being second-best, this type could be perfect for you! Well, who would want to be second?

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2. The Friend Who is Just Too Friendly

She’s a friend, but she wants to be more. She will hang out with you, but not much more. If you’re interested in her and try to get closer, she’ll pull away. It’s like being on the edge of a cliff and trying to push off from it; every time you put your foot forward, gravity pulls it back down again into the abyss below.

This type of woman is every man’s friend. She has besties here and there. People who are actually dating her in disguise. I know you get the point. For your sanity, stay away from them especially if you are the jealous type.

3. The overly feminist

These types of women are the ones who feel that a man is always the cause of all the pain and suffering in the world. They strongly believe that they are much more intelligent than men and are capable of doing things “the right way.” When a man tries to reason with such a woman, there’s always something that she disagrees with. She can never be pleased by a man.

She is constantly talking about how society treats women unfairly, how they’re not paid equally (even though they do the same work), and how they need more rights than men do. She’ll even start bringing up topics like rape culture without being asked about them! Unless you’re interested in having an extreme argument every time you hang out together or having someone who considers herself more important than everyone else around her (who she believes should be subservient), avoid dating this type of woman at all costs!

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4. The material girl

Types Of Women To Avoid Dating

An easy type to spot, the material girl is a shopping addict who has nothing else going on in her life. If you’re dating a material girl, she probably spends more time thinking about what she wants to buy and where than she does thinking about you. Material girls are “very high maintenance” women. They have no feelings for their partner, except for the benefits he can provide them with (i.e., great food at restaurants, clothes).

She has an unhealthy obsession with material possessions. She doesn’t care about your feelings, only what you can do for her and what she can get from you. A classic example of this is when she asks you to buy her something expensive because she feels she’s entitled to have it by virtue of dating you.

You will need to avoid dating this kind of woman because they will milk you down and leave you once you don’t have anything left in your pocket. Don’t be deceived because most of them can be really nice but these are just pretenses and tactics they want to use to obtain things from you. I call them prostitutes in disguise.

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5. The hopeless romantic.

This is the girl who believes in fairy tales and happily ever afters. She’s always looking for her soulmate and will date anything that moves, hoping it’ll be him. These women are often clingy, needy, and insecure. If she says something like “I’m going to find the perfect guy,” or “I believe in love at first sight,” run!

You will need to avoid dating this kind of woman by all means. They have filled their thoughts and perception with telenovelas and soap operas where they see love as a perfect thing without considering the real-life implications. They always want to be treated like cinderella and you dare not fulfill her numerous unrealistic wishes of being pampered and taken care of all the time.

6. The insecure Miss

Types Of Women To Avoid Dating

She’s always complaining about how she isn’t good enough. She is always comparing herself to other women and finds herself lacking in some area or another.

She is jealous of other women, especially those who are beautiful, successful, or intelligent. You know as her man, you dare not compliment other women.

She doesn’t think she is as attractive as other women and wishes she could change her physical appearance or body shape.

The insecure Miss is one of the most common types of women to avoid dating. She’s constantly complaining about how you’re not texting her enough, how you don’t call her enough, how you never like her pictures on Instagram—and she’s always telling you what you should be doing instead.

If you’re dating an insecure Miss, it’s time to break up. You deserve someone who will appreciate your efforts and love you for being yourself.

7. The desperate Miss

The desperate Miss is a woman who will give you the impression that she is needy and dependent on you. She will try to make you feel sorry for her, constantly talking about her problems and how unhappy she is in life.

She will be clingy, and jealous of your friends, family, and work colleagues. This type of woman doesn’t have any self-esteem or confidence so if you are not there through thick or thin then she will try to make sure that it weighs heavily on your mind.

Types Of Women To Avoid Dating

This type is just so obsessed with marriage. She doesn’t have the time to start knowing the man. To her, delay is dangerous. If you’ve ever gotten ‘Where is this relationship heading to” after a week or two of dating, then you know you need to run and avoid dating this kind of woman.

8. The controlling type

This is a woman who thinks she knows what’s best for everyone. She’s got a plan for you, and she doesn’t care what you think about it. She’ll try to control your life by telling you what you should do, where you should go, and who you should see. She wants to be in charge of everything in your life, even when it comes to your relationships with other people (like friends, family members, or coworkers).

This kind of woman wants to know every detail of your life and will try to get into your phone and check your messages. She’ll want to know where you’re going, who you’re hanging out with, and if you’re ever going to get married.

The best you can do here is prepare for the relationship to fail. If she controls every aspect of your life and never says thank you, bumps up the price on dates, or acts like she thinks she’s better than you; chances are this one isn’t going to last. It’s a shame because these women have so much potential, but they’re too caught up in their own little world to apply themselves to any meaningful relationship. The drama-free route is always best, but some guys just can’t resist a challenge.

Here are some types of women you might want to avoid dating.

We all have our own criteria for what makes a good partner, but there are some types of women you might want to avoid dating.

  • The commitment-phobe (this one is obvious).
  • The friend who’s just too friendly. She’ll be all up in your face with her compliments and questions while trying to get something out of you, like help moving furniture or a new job.
  • The overly feminist type. She thinks she knows everything and will use this “knowledge” against men if they disagree with her or question her authority over them.
  • The material girl (or guy). They’re more interested in how much money people make than anything else about them. If they don’t even know what your job title is, then forget it! It’s not going anywhere good anyway so why bother?
  • The hopeless romantic versus the sadist masochist—it depends on who has control over each other’s relationship; either way though most likely neither party will end up happy since both parties feel dissatisfied by each other’s actions/inactions during stressful situations where compromise would have helped resolve conflict instead now we’re stuck here.
  • The insecure Miss who doesn’t even trust herself enough to trust you.
  • The desperate Miss who wants to meet you today and get married tomorrow. No time to check time.
  • The controlling type that wants to be your mother, father, boss and everything in one. She doesn’t mind treating you like a one year old child.


In the end, it is entirely up to you to decide who you choose to date. However, the tips above are valuable guidelines to help make better decisions in that regard. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll never have a bad relationship if you apply them. But we hope that you’ll at least avoid some of the big mistakes you would make by dating this kind of women.

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