Here are 15 types of men you shouldn’t marry

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Of all the things women fantasize about, having a man who treats them like queens and adores them is at the top of the list.

But just like not every woman is marriage material, nor every male is either. Women, however, frequently assume that marriage would bring about a transformation in their male counterparts. No, men won’t change unless they want to.

While it’s true that “to err is human and to forgive is divine,” there are some guys who should never be forgiven for their flaws. ‘Run for your life, sister,’ I tell you if the guy behaves like any of the ones listed in this article.

So, here are 15 types of men you shouldn’t marry. Avoid them at all cost!

1. A man who keeps his secrets to himself

Men may keep secrets from their wives longer than women because they keep to themselves. Keeping a secret from someone you love takes strength.
Don’t be startled by his pleasant behaviors in the past 5 years—a secretive man may become nasty over time. This kind of person can have a child outside without you knowing. You won’t know if he’s a criminal until the police come after you.

If he won’t share his past and present, don’t marry him.

2. A Lazy Man

15 types of men you shouldn't marry: lazy man

You should be suspicious of a man over the age of 35 who isn’t actively working or looking for a career, or who hasn’t figured out what he wants to do with his life yet. Don’t forget that real men always want to gain financial stability before they even begin to think about marriage, and yours shouldn’t be any different. To lead well, a father must know where he is going.

3. Insecure Man

Marriage requires trust. Don’t marry him if he’s skeptical of everyone around you. A marriage in which one partner persistently suspects the other of infidelity is certain to fail.


4. A Rude Man

A man who is rude to you or to other people, in general, is not someone you want to marry. Every relationship needs respect, and if you feel insulted, it won’t be pleasant.

5. A Nag

Men nagging? Who said that? I hope you never meet this kind of dude. As bad as a woman’s nagging can be, a man’s nag Avoid him if you notice he’s this kind of man

6. The Mr. Always Right

Marrying a smart man is excellent, but if you don’t have half his intelligence, be careful. You’re only a lady, he’ll say. If you’re thinking about getting married, keep in mind that this man will constantly undermine your confidence, even when you’re in the right. Never forget that being told you’re wrong when you’re sure you’re right is the most irritating thing in the world.

7. A Stingy Man

15 types of men you shouldn't marry: Stingy man

Even if he has enough to offer, a man who struggles to be generous with his money, time and attention may not be a good family man. Marriage requires sharing, and if he’s too self-centered to see others’ needs, it will be one-sided. And this is not what you want.

8. The Unromantic

Sports, drinking, and hunting are his favorite topics. He is not a team player; he does not pitch in around the house. He’s not romantic and may forget Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. He should be ordinary, not weak or strong.

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9. Fitness Fanatic

Who doesn’t desire abs and arms? But a man who spends precious time in the gym will have no time for his family—all it’s about is how fantastic he looks in his clothes. His attractive body would also attract girls and married women.

10. Someone who is afraid of commitment

Like women, some guys struggle to commit. You won’t be able to change his mind about marriage if he has a fear of committing. If he eventually commits, check for loopholes—he may not be as committed as he seems. He may still fear commitment.

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11. Narcissist

15 types of men you shouldn't marry

Narcissus, an old Greek mythological figure, was so lovely that he fell in love with himself and drowned because he couldn’t leave his image in the water. Narcissists are so self-centered that don’t notice their flaws. Narcissist marriages are one-sided. They flaunt their superiority at others’ expense. He will dominate the marriage, making you invisible.

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12. The Manipulator

Everyone wants their way. Unfortunately, control freaks can be scary and even abusive because guys are conditioned to be angry and hostile when they don’t get what they want. Run, you don’t need them.

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13. Mummy’s Pet

Because you heard a man will treat you like he treats his mother. So you hunt for a guy that is close to his mom and spends a lot of time with her. However, bear in mind that if he’s too close to his mom, you’ll marry his mother too. So get used to “My mom doesn’t do it that way.” His mother will also be your marriage counselor.

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14. The Violent Guy

Many women marry violent men despite knowing better. You deserve better than a physically or emotionally abusive man. While dating, look for an exit and start planning your getaway.

It often starts with a simple slap, and before you know it, a stab and someone is dead.

Dear, a better man will come along sooner rather than later, therefore it’s smart to let him go and protect your future, girlfriend.

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15. Rebel

How most women like gangsters and bad boys is puzzling. There’s something intriguing and fascinating about marrying a terrorist—he seems to offer security with his razz personality—but a societal rebel will rebel in his marriage and produce rebellious kids. Rebels are not worth loving.

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